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Please be safe and cautious in and around the pool.


The depth of the pool ranges from a shallow stairway to approximately 4 feet. It is not deep enough to dive or jump from the pool deck for adults or children, so for safety we ask all guests to use the stairway to avoid serious injury. Always pay attention to children as well as others while in and around the pool.  Do not allow anyone to run around the pool areas or decks. Please dry feet before entering the villa to avoid slipping on the tiled floors from either being wet from the pool or rain.

Do not bring glass near the pool area. Please use only plastic ware around pool and deck areas to avoid broken glass for your safety. Plastic ware is available in kitchen. Remember that alcohol increases the effect of the sun. Stay safe and stay hydrated with plenty of water.

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the pool. We want you to have a wonderful vacation with us, but safety has to come first!

Pool Maintenance

Windsong Villa uses a salt water system for the pool. As a result the water is gentler on your skin, hair and eyes and great for guests and children who want to avoid the smell and high levels of chlorine as in traditional pools. Pool cleaning and servicing is completed before your arrival. When guests have extended stays service personnel will use exterior access for pool maintenance at least once per week. If extra servicing is needed, please contact our villa manager.